Taiwan’s basic metal output down 15.50 percent in February from January

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 15:21:33 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

Taiwan’s industrial production index in February this year decreased by 14.98 percent compared to January and was up by 2.96 percent year on year, according to the country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Meanwhile, Taiwan’s seasonally adjusted industrial production index in February rose by 4.37 percent compared to the previous month and advanced by 17.32 percent year on year.

In February this year, industrial output in the country’s basic metal manufacturing sector was down by 15.50 percent and output of metal product manufacturing decreased by 19.87 percent, both compared to the previous month. In addition, on year-on-year basis, in February output of the basic metal manufacturing sector fell by 3.03 percent and output of the metal product manufacturing sector decreased by 10.08 percent.

Meanwhile, in February this year, production in Taiwan’s machinery and equipment industry advanced by 0.28 percent, while output in the automotive industry was down by 4.25 percent, both year on year.

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