Longs and Billet

SteelOrbis provides the latest longs and billet prices and price trends via the longs and billet price reports and market analyses listed below. These longs and billet price reports are derived from actual longs and billet market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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End Date

US import wire rod prices firm but interest remains low

Rebar prices stabilize in Asia

Occasional business in Turkey’s billet market

Local Turkish rebar spot prices increase

Romanian rebar buyers active in imports

Indonesian wire rods traded at higher price to Philippines

Turkish exporters seek to maintain their longs prices

US wire rod prices move upward after increase announcement

Maintenance at mills supports ex-CIS billet prices, weak China exerts pressure

Billet trade in GCC livelier, prices rise

Local Turkish rebar spot prices increase slightly

Wire rod prices in Asia stabilize after previous gains, Chinese exporters keep positions

Bulgarian longs prices on the rise

Turkish mill Icdas increases its rebar price by TRY 20/mt

US rebar market firm after price increase

Workable price level for import billet in Asia up despite China’s absence

US rebar buyers remain active in imports

Local Turkish rebar spot prices decrease further

India’s billet export allocation still limited despite some price decline locally

US import rebar prices continue trending upward

UAE-based ESI hikes rebar price for October

Billet export tender in India closed at higher than expected level

Turkish spot rebar prices decrease slightly

H-beam prices in local Chinese market - week 38

Local Turkish wire rod prices move sideways

Wire rod prices in Taiwanese domestic market - week 38

Domestic rebar prices in Taiwan - week 38

Tokyo Steel announces $19/mt increase in some major steel products for October

Local wire rod quotations in Indian market - week 38

Indian mills hike rebar prices to offset higher costs, risking further sales slowdown

Nucor, Liberty announce steep wire rod price increase

Nucor, SDI announce merchant bar price increase

Brazilian rebar export offers remain stable

Chinese longs prices weaken, restocking ahead of holidays may give some support

Chinese domestic steel section prices slightly decrease

Local Turkish rebar spot prices weaken slightly

Domestic rebar prices rise in Egypt on higher input costs

US import wire rod prices could firm

Shagang Group keeps local long steel prices stable for mid-September

Ex-CIS billet up further amid limited allocation, deals rare as scrap outlook worsens

Rebar offer prices edge up in Asia

Billet prices in Asia end the week higher

Turkish merchant bar export offers rise, demand sluggish

Turkish billet importers resist price increase

Ex-Turkey long steel prices rise further

US wire rod market sees firmer prices

Further billet price rise in SE Asia in doubt due to price fall in China

Indian billet export tender closed at higher price despite weak Asian demand

Local Turkish rebar spot prices soften

Offers for Asian wire rod keep moving up following recent deals

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