Flats and Slab

SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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HDG exports offers stable in Brazil

Price rise for import HRC in Turkey gradually accepted

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 8

Ex-China HDG prices rise sharply after holiday, as expected

Indian HDG exporters hike prices, trade improves amid strong EU market

Brazilian slab offers return to pre-Chinese holiday level

US plate prices hold steady

Silicon steel sheet prices in local Chinese market - week 8

Local Chinese stainless steel prices move up strongly

Ex-China CRC prices move up by $25/mt compared to pre-holiday level

US import HDG offers still “very high”

Ex-China stainless steel prices move up

Bullish mood among Chinese HRC exporters

Turkish flat steel spot prices still on the rise

Turkish coated steel prices rise again amid positive fundamentals

CRC prices surge in Turkey, demand recovers

HRC prices in EU move up further amid tight supply and Ilva issue

Indian HRC exporters cut prices for Middle East and Asia, hike them for Europe

Slab prices in Asia set to surge as Chinese flat steel market rises sharply

US domestic HDG market has all eyes on scrap

Bullish suppliers’ offers lead to higher workable HRC price level in Vietnam

Slab prices from CIS surge in recent deals, mood positive

Ex-CIS HRC prices for April anticipated to rise

Turkey’s HRC mills bullish amid costlier scrap, limited allocation

Indian CRC market strengthens with mills withdrawing discounts, base prices to rise

Indian HRC tradeable price rises with less threat from ex-China competition

Ex-China plate prices up sharply following surge in local prices

Brazilian slab prices temporarily reduced

Have US HRC and CRC prices reached their peak?

Flat steel prices in local Taiwanese market - week 7

Chinese domestic PPGI prices remain stable

Local and import HRC prices rebound in Turkey

HRC buying activity in Pakistan held back, suppliers upbeat

Good outlook for Vietnam’s HRC market amid China’s gains, despite still poor demand

Tinplate prices stable in Turkey but set to increase

US plate prices remain steady

Plate spot prices drop in Turkey, but may rebound by March

Indian HDG exporters insist on higher prices amid continuing demand in EU

Promising outlook for ex-China HDG prices amid higher local prices, sharp futures rise

HRC export offers decline in Brazil

HRC prices in EU market resume uptrend due to tight supply

Lower ex-India HRC prices appeal to Emirati customers

Turkish flat steel spot prices rise due to lower stocks and higher demand

Price of imported CRC declines again in Brazil

US domestic HDG prices remain strong

US import HDG buyers remain hesitant

Domestic and import HRC prices in Turkey decline, set to rebound

Indian HRC producers more willing to export, prices up slightly

Turkish coated steel price range wides, trend is positive

Local Indian HRC prices maintain amid rising tussle of buyers with sellers

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