Weekly Steel Prices

SteelOrbis presents over 200 weekly steel reference prices and 14 price indexes for various steel products. These reference prices are derived from actual business transactions from North American, Northern & Southern European, Turkish, and Asian steel markets. The SteelOrbis reference prices feature is an essential tool for end-users, banks & financial institutions, consultants, producers and traders that are operating in the steel industry.

Product Weekly Change Data Chart
CRC Ex-Mill US Midwest   -8.07%
HDG DDP Loaded Truck Import US Gulf  
HDG G90 Ex-Mill US Midwest   -5.62%
HDG base Ex-Mill US Midwest   -3.9%
HRC Ex-Mill US Midwest   -4.59%
HRP FOB mill US domestic   -20%
CRC (0.50mm) FOB China   -5.9%
CRC (1.00 mm) FOB China   -6.15%
CRC Ex-Warehouse China   -6.35%
CRC Ex-Warehouse China (incl. 13% VAT)   -6.37%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Lecong   -7.04%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Lecong (incl. 13% VAT)   -7.05%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Shanghai   -6.98%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Shanghai (incl. 13% VAT)   -6.98%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Tianjin   -5.7%
CRC Ex-Warehouse Tianjin (incl. 13% VAT)   -5.71%
HDG Ex-Warehouse China   -5.51%
HDG Ex-Warehouse China (incl. 13% VAT)   -5.5%
HDG FOB China   -3.85%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Lecong   -10.22%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Lecong (incl. 13% VAT)   -10.22%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Shanghai   -6.91%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Shanghai (incl. 13% VAT)   -6.92%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Tianjin   -10.7%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Tianjin (incl. 13% VAT)   -10.69%
HRC SS400 Ex-Warehouse China   -8.03%
HRC SS400 Ex-Warehouse China (incl. 13% VAT)   -8.02%
HRC SS400 FOB China   -3.5%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Lecong   -5.18%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Lecong (incl. 13% VAT)   -5.18%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Shanghai   -5.24%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Shanghai (incl. 13% VAT)   -5.23%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Tianjin   -4.7%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Tianjin (incl. 13% VAT)   -4.7%
HRP FOB China   -3.82%
HRP SS400 Ex-Warehouse China   -4.36%
HRP SS400 Ex-Warehouse China (incl. 13% VAT)   -4.37%
PPGI FOB China   -3.78%
CRC Ex-Romania CFR Turkey  
CRC Ex-Warehouse Turkey   -4.86%
CRC Ex-Works Turkey   -2.76%
CRC FOB Turkey   -4.35%
HDG Ex-Works Turkey   -3.24%
HDG FOB Turkey   -4.79%
HRC Ex-Warehouse Turkey   -2.55%
HRC Ex-Works Turkey   -5.23%
HRC FOB Turkey   -5.84%
HRC P&O ex-warehouse Turkey   -2.4%
HRC ex-Romania CFR Turkey  
HRC imports CFR Turkey   -6.12%
HRP Ex-Warehouse Turkey   -12.07%
PPGI FOB Turkey   -2.93%
PPGI ex-works Turkey   -2.45%
Tinplate - Ex-works Turkey, $/mt   -1.51%
CRC FOB Russia  
CRC FOB Ukraine  
HRC FOB Russia  
HRC FOB Ukraine  
HRC – FOB Russia (Baltic Region), $/mt  
HRS local Russia, RUB/mt  
CRC EX-Works Italy   -1.52%
CRC Ex-Works Europe   -3.9%
HDG EX-Works Italy   -6.67%
HDG Ex-Works Europe   -2.82%
HRC Ex-Works Europe   -3.37%
HRC Ex-Works Italy   -2.94%
CRC Ex-Works India   -3.06%
HDG FOB India   -1.97%
HRC Ex-Works India   -2.13%
HRC FOB India   -2.46%
CRC FOB mill Mexico domestic  
HDG base Ex-Mill Mexico  
HRC FOB mill Mexico domestic  
HRC – CFR Pakistan, $/mt   -4.4%
HRC CFR Vietnam   -2.42%
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