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Cold Rolled Coil

The items we have in daily life are made of many different materials. Especially in technological tools and kitchen tools steel is mainly preferred due to its long lasting and, if needed, stainless features. This material, which is also resistant to impacts, is not harmful to human health like some plastic materials. The usage area of steel, which we are familiar with in daily life with these properties, is actually very wide. The most important material used in the industry and construction sectors is steel. Steel, which is a mixture of iron and carbon, is preferred in these sectors as it is durable and long lasting. It is a material that can be shaped using the right techniques and heat. This situation has led to the emergence of new forms of steel according to the purpose of use over time. With the developing construction sector, buildings with larger and more complex plans have begun to be built. Apart from the construction sector, the need for steel materials in areas such as escalators, ship and bridge construction has created steel plates. These steel plates can be produced as separate plates or in coils depending on the thickness. Cold rolled coil, also known as CRC, is a type of steel product which is made out of hot rolled flat steel and is characterized by small thicknesses and specific applications.

Features of Cold Rolled Coil

Cold Rolled Coil, mostly used for technically sensitive and visually important works. To understand the production of cold rolled coil, it is necessary to know the hot rolled coil.

Hot rolled coil’s making process involves melting steel, the production of slab and rolling it into coil at high temperature. Hot rolled coils are waiting at room temperature for cooling in order to take the next step at their process. After this point, the making process of the cold rolled coil begins. Cold steels begin to be re-rolled at room temperature. This process provides cold rolled coils with much quality surface and accurate dimensions.

This extra process also affects 

cold rolled steel prices

. Cold rolled coils should be carefully stored in a cool area to get maximum efficiency from steel. In addition, the cold rolled coils are more demanding to the packaging and shipping conditions compared to the HRC.

Cold Rolled Coil Prices

Cold rolled coils are more expensive than hot rolled coils. Because of its extra production costs, lower thickness and areas of application, crc prices are higher than classic hot rolled steels. Cold rolled coils are stronger and more durable than hot rolled coils. Since cold rolled coils are re-processed at room temperature, the durability and surface quality of the steel increases.  Because cold rolled coils go through a complex production process, their cost may increase. When considering daily changing prices of steel it becomes important to regularly check the prices of cold rolled coils. There are many resources on the internet that show cold rolled steel price indexes which are easy to reach. In addition, cold rolled coil prices may change according to features like thickness, width, weight, quality, steel grade and additional processing.