RFX Tutorial

About Request for Proposal (RFx)

SteelOrbis’ "Request For Proposal" is a trading platform where companies post their requests directly to the attention of potential buyers or sellers within steel industry.

How to create an RFx (Easy 3-Step Process)

Step 1 of 3

Fill out the specific product and order specifications you desire for the proposal to be sent to member companies. You may provide a request for multiple products within the same proposal

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Step 2 of 3

Enter desired Shipment and Payment Terms.

Steel Offers / Inquiries

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Step 3 of 3

Define the companies you would like to send your proposal to. You may also wish to manually add companies to your RFx request, which are not in our database system. The bottom of the form will provide your contact information, which the companies receiving the proposal will use to contact you directly.

Steel Offers / Inquiries

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Once you complete the easy 3-step process of creating an RFx proposal, your request will automatically be sent to the companies you elected as the recipient.


Features and advantages of the RFx platform include :

Reach your targeted audience with a single request

  • Easy -- Create a request form with minimum entries
  • Fast -- Mass and simultaneous delivery of your request
  • Effective -- Inform all potential bidders of your request to buy/sell your particular steel product

Easy-to-use request quotation form

  • Standardized -- Formatted entries
  • Clear -- No ambiguities
  • Efficient -- Save time collecting and evaluating quotes
  • Easy to track -- Access your previous and current proposals in one location

Below are the product categories SteelOrbis subscribers may activate an RFx for:

  • Raw Materials including scrap, coal, pig iron and iron ore
  • Semi -- Finished Steel Products
  • Long Steel Products
  • Flat Steel Products
  • Coated Steel Products
  • Special Steel Products
  • Stainless Steel Products
  • Tubes, Pipes and Hollow Sections