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07  Jul

Sergey Ushakov: MMK is carrying on with investments despite pandemic

SteelOrbis talked to Sergey Ushakov, Deputy General Director for Sales at MMK, regarding the effects of the pandemic and the company’s sales strategy in the second half of the year
08  Jun

Liberty Steel: Now is the time to accelerate the push to a greener steel industry

SteelOrbis talked to Liberty Steel about coronavirus affects on steel industry and their operations.
16  Apr

Trust Control: We plan to open an office in Turkey in 2020

SteelOrbis talked to Veronika Tropina, business development manager of Trust Control regarding the relationship between inspection and steel industries.
15  Apr

Hilco Industrial: Overcapacity in the steel industry creates opportunities for us

SteelOrbis talked to Darko Pepovski, Vice President of Marketin at Hilco Industrial regarding the opportunities created by second hand equipment.
15  Apr

UK CARES: We are providing our customers the assurance they need through Cloud App

We talked to UK CARES CEO Lee Brankley about the company’s new service CARES Cloud App and the changing dynamics of the market.

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