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09 Jul

Cesare Pasini: EU scrap exports must be restricted somehow

SteelOrbis talked to Cesare Pasini, vice president of Italian steelmaker Feralpi regarding the current situation in Italian raw material market and EU’s possible scrap export ban.
04 Jun

MMK: Restart of HRC line in Turkey expected to result in additional supplies of two million mt

SteelOrbis talked to Andrey Eremin, MMK’s Director for Economics, about the restart of the EAF and the HRC line at the Turkish unit.
03 Jun

Alacero: Steel industry remains fundamental for the recovery in Latin America

SteelOrbis talked to Francisco Leal, general director of Alacero about economic growth forecast of Latin American countries and current conditions regarding steel industry.
22 Apr

Hangzhou CIEC Group: China’s scrap imports to rise by 15-25 million mt in 2021

SteelOrbis talked to Hüseyin Ocakçı, Middle East general manager of Hangzhou CIEC Group Co. Ltd regarding latest developments in Chinese steel markets.
18 Mar

Burak Soydan: We made changes to our regional sales structure in order to keep capacity utilization rates high

We talked to Burak Soydan, general manager of NLMK Turkey, about how NLMK has come through the pandemic and about the current situation in the Russian steel market.
12 Mar

Banchero costa: Freight rates are at multi-year highs

SteelOrbis talked to Enrico Paglia, research manager of banchero costa about the current conditions in the freight market and expectations for the coming period.
08 Mar

Freight Investor Services: Volatile freight rates may be higher than expected

We talked to Freight Investor Services about the current conditions and the future expectations regarding the freight market.
07 Jul

Sergey Ushakov: MMK is carrying on with investments despite pandemic

SteelOrbis talked to Sergey Ushakov, Deputy General Director for Sales at MMK, regarding the effects of the pandemic and the company’s sales strategy in the second half of the year
08 Jun

Liberty Steel: Now is the time to accelerate the push to a greener steel industry

SteelOrbis talked to Liberty Steel about coronavirus affects on steel industry and their operations.
16 Apr

Trust Control: We plan to open an office in Turkey in 2020

SteelOrbis talked to Veronika Tropina, business development manager of Trust Control regarding the relationship between inspection and steel industries.
15 Apr

Hilco Industrial: Overcapacity in the steel industry creates opportunities for us

SteelOrbis talked to Darko Pepovski, Vice President of Marketin at Hilco Industrial regarding the opportunities created by second hand equipment.
15 Apr

UK CARES: We are providing our customers the assurance they need through Cloud App

We talked to UK CARES CEO Lee Brankley about the company’s new service CARES Cloud App and the changing dynamics of the market.
24 Feb

Parladı Metal: This will be a year in which we will prepare for the future with investments

We talked to Bahar Parladı, sales manager of Parladı Metal about the situation in auto steel market and the relationship between automotive and steel industries.
20 Feb

Kardemir: We aim to improve collaboration with Turkey-based automotive producers

SteelOrbis talked to Dr. Hüseyin Soykan, general manager of Kardemir, regarding the relationship between automotive and steel industries.
18 Feb

Beycelik : We don’t expect a substantial increase in automotive steel demand

Can Sakarya, purchasing manager at Beycelik Gestamp, talked to SteelOrbis about the situation in auto steel market and the relationship between automotive and steel industries. 
17 Feb

Borusan Mannesmann: Our aim is to increase our share in all markets by focusing on value-added products

Ali Okyay, assistant general manager at Borusan Mannesmann, talked to SteelOrbis about the situation in auto steel market and relationship between automotive and steel industries.
05 Feb

Neil Barrell: Liberty Steel Group on a pathway to become the first carbon neutral steel company in the world

SteelOrbis talked to GFG Alliance COO Neil Barrell about Liberty’s European operations and their carbon neutral steel production target.
21 Jan

MMK Metalürji: Growth expected to normalize in next two years

SteelOrbis talked to Turkish steelmaker MMK Metalurji about what happened in 2019 and what is expected in 2020.
21 Jan

CEBID: Turkish steel pipe output expected to increase in 2020

SteelOrbis talked to Mehmet Zeren, general secretary of the Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association (CEBID), about what happened in 2019 and what is expected in 2020.
17 Jan

Çolakoğlu Metalürji: 2020 will be better than 2019

SteelOrbis talked to Gökhan Erdem, director at Çolakoğlu Metalurji about what happened in 2019 and what is expected in 2020.
17 Jan

Turkish steel producers hopeful for 2020 despite difficult 2019

Dr. Veysel Yayan, secretary general of the Turkish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association, spoke to SteelOrbis about 2019 and his expectations for 2020.
17 Jan

Turkish exporters: Our targets are L. America, SE Asia and W. Africa

SteelOrbis talked to Adnan Aslan, chairman of Turkey’s Steel Exporters’ Association about what happened in 2019 and what is expected in 2020.
22 Nov

Kardemir: 2019 has been a very busy year for our investments

We talked to Hüseyin Soykan, the general manager of Kardemir, about current situation and expectations of liquid steel producers.
22 Nov

Tatmetal: Tandem cold rolling mill to be launched in Q1 2020

SteelOrbis spoke to Arın Demir, business affairs deputy director general at Turkey's Tatmetal, about the firm’s investments and its expectations for the coming period.
19 Nov

Oytun Özdoğan: Contractions in domestic market increase pressure to export

We talked to Oytun Özdoğan, export manager of Turkish steel producer Kaptan Metal, about current situation and expectations of liquid steel producers.
19 Nov

Ege Çelik: Domestic and international wire rod demand is promising despite negativity

We talked with İhsan Oğuztüzün, sales and marketing specialist at Turkish steel producer Ege Çelik, about current situation and expectations of liquid steel producers.
23 Oct

Yıldız Demir Çelik: Where we stand now after a year is remarkable

We talked to Emrah Kendüzler, marketing and sales manager of Turkish steel producer Yıldız Demir Çelik, which entered the sector last year, about their first year and future plans.
10 Oct

Tatmetal: Export-focused investments undermine competition

We talked to Egemen Akbulut, Industrial Sales Group Sales Director of Tatmetal, about current conditions and outlook for the coated steel industry.
04 Oct

Yıldız Demir Çelik: We target to be among top three steelmakers in Turkey

We talked to Emrah Kendüzler, Sales and Marketing Director of Yıldız Demir Çelik about current conditions and outlook for the coated steel industry.
03 Oct

Galva Metal: We aim to benefit from EU quota at the highest level

SteelOrbis talked to Banu Küner, Galva Metal Process Improvement and Purchasing Manager, on galvanized steel sector and protectionism.
30 Sep

Borçelik: We are the first company to produce sheet for automotive surfaces

We talked to Kerem Çakır, Borçelik General Manager, about current conditions and outlook for the coated steel industry for the special report section for our Prime magazine.
09 Aug

MMK: Main factor to support steel demand in Russia will be public projects

We talked to Sergei Ushakov, sales director at the leading Russian steelmaker MMK about the changes in market dynamics resulted from trade measures.
12 Jun

Emirates Steel: Sustainability is the key to growth

SteelOrbis talked to Juma Al Mansouri, vice president of sales at UAE-based steelmaker Emirates Steel, about current market conditions and expectations.
12 Jun

Rajhi Steel: We are focusing on domestic demand

SteelOrbis talked to Abdulqader Al-Mubarak, CEO of Rajhi Steel, regarding the Saudi Arabian steel market and Rajhi Steel’s operations.
13 May

Primetals Technologies: Investment plays a key role for a sustainable steel industry

SteelOrbis talked to Tufan Songüler, Primetals Technologies Turkey Sales and Marketing Manager, about steel producers’ investment habits and latest trends.
10 Dec

Michael Setterdahl: We are looking forward to a more stable and predictive market in 2019

Michael Setterdahl, Liberty Steel USA CEO, answered SteelOrbis’ questions regarding the newly-commissioned Georgetown plant and the outlook for the US steel market.
13 Nov

MUR Shipping: Rising protectionism has caused some reversion to previous trade routes

SteelOrbis talked to Gelu Batrinca, chartering manager of MUR Shipping Romania SRL, about the company’s operations at the 79th IREPAS Meeting.
13 Nov

KWT Steel: Our ultimate goal is to become a fully-integrated steel manufacturer

SteelOrbis had the chance to get together with Siddig Elhassan, commercial manager at Kuwaiti-based KWT Steel at the 79th IREPAS Meeting.

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