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SteelOrbis is the primary information source preferred by thousands of firms for its up-to-date billet and slab prices, billet and slab market analyses and news, as it closely follows the main billet and slab markets such as the CIS and China. Used as a reference by key market players and accepted as the best in its field, the SteelOrbis Billet and Slab Prices page allows you to take a major step forward in your trading activities.

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Billet as a form of steel looks like a bar. To be more specific we can address to billet steel we can also use its form. The steel product which is made after the steel melting process, is normally shaped as a square or a round bar or a steel slab. Since the crude steel cannot be utilized as is, it has to be shaped in the semi-finished products which are later used in the further processing. SteelOrbis is the essential data source liked by a huge number of firms for its cutting-edge billet and and slab prices, market investigations and news, as it intently follows the primary markets like the CIS and prominent countries such as China. In order to follow the billet price market up close, SteelOrbis offers a wide range of tools, analysis ways, charts and recent news. Market changes can be due to many factors across the world and this entails the business owners to have a close look at the price changes.

Billet Price Changes

Steel billets have explicit and positive highlights and a very specific usage. After being formed out of the melted steel, they can be rolled in different kinds of long products. The billet can be produced according to the buyer’s request and to have different steel grades and dimensions,  which depends on its usage. A semi-completed steel item acquired by moving ingots on a moving plant or prepared through a constant caster and cut into different lengths. The chunk has a rectangular cross segment and is utilized as a beginning material in the creation cycle rebar, wire rod and various merchant bars. Steel slab is the the semi-finished product too and the slab price is important to follow for the flat steel producers since it is one of their raw materials. Slab price options can be seen along with steel billet price changes in SteelOrbis. Both billets and slabs are used to produce the downstream products for further usage in the various construction and industrial projects.

Recent Billet Prices

Price charts and tools can be seen and analyzed by everyone visiting SteelOrbis. Steel has many forms and these categories of steel makes it easier to follow the prices on every section. Billet steel prices as the main material in the global trade can be affected by many factors and to be subject to many different changes. SteelOrbis makes it a whole lot easier for the internet users to assess the prices with professional analysis charts. Steel slab is used by many global flat steel producers and following the prices is important for the active market players to keep themselves updated. Steel billet price can be assessed in a graph or a table in the SteelOrbis. Prices from China, the CIS and many for many other origins can be adjusted in the website. Getting the best price on steel and its kinds is important for your business and its future.