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Throughout history, fields such as industry, technology and engineering have developed in order to meet the needs arising from the increasing population. As the population grows, larger and high-rise buildings started to build to meet the housing need. Furthermore, special buildings for crowded use such as shopping malls, convention centers, art buildings etc. have emerged. For community’s safety, the durability of these structures is an important factor. Buildings that do not have the necessary adjustments in their construction may have a short service life and create danger to the people living in them. Considering natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides, a solidly constructed building plays a role in saving the lives of people in it. For this reason, in building constructions steels called rebar are used to strengthen the skeletal structure of the construction. As it is known, the main material of buildings is concrete. Concrete is not resistant to tension but strong against pressure. Therefore it can be deformed quickly. The durability of the structure is strengthened by the rebars.

Features of Rebar

Rebar is short for reinforcing bars. Reinforcing bars are always made from steel. It is due to the similar thermal expansion coefficients of steel and concrete. While the buildings are being built, steel rebars positioned in the concrete for increased strength and ensures that the building remains standing. If the building’s concrete cracks or breaks as a result of natural disaster, steel rebar is what will keep the building alive. Mostly, rebar’s have deformed surfaces and protrusions to develop better integrals with the concrete. Those deformed surfaces reduce the risk of slippage. Like the best part of metal construction materials, rebar can be recycled and scrabbed. Those scraps are sold after the melting and reforming process. Rebar has different types according to their intended use and construction material. Most common rebar types are stainless steel rebar, carbon steel rebar, epoxy coated rebar, European rebar, glass fiber reinforced polymer, galvanized rebar. Each rebar type has different strengths and features.  Such features also affect rebar prices.

Rebar Prices

Rebar price depends on many factors. Different properties of the rebar types are effective in price determination. For example, carbon steel rebar is highly preferred due to its low price and solid strength. But due to its stainless feature, stainless steel rebar has higher prices than carbon steel rebar. Although the main material is the same, steel rebar prices might vary according to their additional features. European rebar is the most vulnerable rebar type in terms of bending. For this reason, their prices are cheaper than other rebar types. However, it is not recommended to be preferred in regions where natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides are high.  Another factor that determines rebar prices is the exchange rate. As many countries import rebar, prices change on a daily basis. For this reason, it is important to check the current rebar prices, which can be easily found on the internet, before trading in rebar.