TÇÜD: EU is violating free trade agreement with Turkey

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 17:08:17 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

The Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TÇÜD) has said that, as the investigation to review safeguard measures in the EU has started, some EU-based steelmakers and non-governmental organizations in the region are seeking to turn the global quota for hot rolled steel into a country-specific quota.

The TÇÜD indicated that Turkey’s hot rolled coil (HRC) exports to the EU declined from 272,000 mt in February this year to 154,000 mt in April, while Turkey’s HRC imports from the EU increased from 100,000 mt in February to 227,000 mt in April, up 127 percent.

“European steelmakers and non-governmental organizations’ requests for a country-specific quota for HRC imports are in conflict with the free trade agreement between Turkey and the EU. In April, HRC exports from the EU to Turkey increased by 132 percent year on year, while the European Commission’s measures to restrict HRC exports from Turkey to the EU will negatively affect our exports which are already shrinking. If the EU continues with these measures, Turkey should consider a 25 percent customs duty for the imports exceeding the quota volume in line with the principle of reciprocity, based on 2018 import figures,” the TÇÜD pointed out.

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