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Free Fitch Ratings downgrades China’s outlook amid housing crisis and uncertainties

Free OECD Steel Committee: Global demand to remain very sluggish

Free US Senator calls for examination of relationship between Nippon Steel and China

Free TUAC at OECD: Steelworkers concerned over unjust green transition

Free Wood Mackenzie: Increase in DRI use may affect zinc circularity

Free Turkish steel industry aims to increase trade volume with Lithuania

Free EUROFER: Urgent action needed to preserve EU steel production during decarbonization process

Free Fitch Ratings raises iron ore price assumptions for 2024-2026 amid limited supply

Free Turkish steel industry’s carbon emissions can be cut by 99% by 2053

Free BCG: Steel industry may face scrap shortage with EAF transition

Free Fitch revises up global GDP growth forecast to 2.4% in 2024

Free Veysel Yayan: Turkey’s exports expected to increase in 2024, crude steel output may exceed 40.4 million mt

Free Ayhan Uçar: Scrap will be more valuable during green transition, Turkey may face scrap supply issues

Free Moody's expects 2.5% growth for Turkey’s economy in 2024

Free Cleveland-Cliffs and USW blame US Steel for ITC ruling

Free Industry representatives: Only strong industrial fabric in Europe can ensure just green transition

Free Turkish steel industry starts 2024 with 2.1 percent increase in exports

Free IEEFA: DRI technology moves ahead of CCUS

Free S&P Global Ratings: Indian steel industry growth to be hurt by rising coal prices

Free Trade unions call on GFG to be fully transparent amid concerns over European capacities

Free EC initiates review of steel import quotas

Free Wood Mackenzie: Low-carbon steelmaking routes may require advancements

Free IEEFA: Iron ore miners’ strategies diverge amid steel decarbonization

Free ArcelorMittal to receive funding for decarbonization projects at Bremen and Eisenhüttenstadt

Free USW receives Biden’s support on opposition to sale of US Steel

Free TCUD: Turkey’s steel output and export decrease in 2023

Free Crisil: Red Sea crisis to have varying impact on Indian trade

Free ICRA: Indian auto industry to achieve 6-9% growth in FY 2023-24

Free Veysel Yayan: Turkey aims to be European leader in steel production

Free UK Steel: EAF transition no longer expected to limit steel industry’s product ranges

Free WV Stahl: German steel industry’s electricity needs will increase amid decarbonization efforts

Free OECD: Global steelmaking excess capacity continues to rise, creating worrying outlook for coming years

Free Turkey’s Kardemir to focus on new furnace investments in 2024, may start mining area

Free IDDMIB: Turkey must revoke antidumping duty on stainless steel

Free CCI: Differential pricing on iron ore creating concerns for competition, exports need to be discouraged

Free Biden: Acquisition of US Steel by Nippon Steel needs to be investigated

SteelOrbis year-end review: European steel industry loses its competitiveness

Free UK Steel: Implementation of CBAM one year after EU creates risks for UK’s decarbonization

Free ÇİB: Turkey becomes net importer for the first time since 2015

Free Fitch Ratings expects steel markets to become more balanced in 2024

Free EUROFER: Putting EU scrap supply at risk undermines decarbonization efforts

Free Fitch Ratings increases iron ore price assumptions for 2023-2026

Free Alexander Fleischanderl: Low-carbon technologies in total steel output will more than double by 2050

Free UK Steel seeks limits on scrap exports amid decarbonization efforts

Free OECD: Global economy to grow by 2.7% in 2024, still faces effects of inflation

Free COP28 panel: 99% emissions reduction in steel could be achieved by 2053

Free TCUD: Turkey’s steel output rises in October with new capacities

Free EUROFER: Absence of global arrangement on steel jeopardizes EU steel industry’s decarbonization efforts

Free Turkish steelmakers remain under strong pressure to export

Free Tayfun Iseri: Market concerned over possible further regionalization

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