US line pipe prices tick downward

Friday, 11 October 2019 18:47:29 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

It’s been long suspected that US domestic API-X52 line pipe prices would continue to revise downward. This week, sources have reported that spot market prices have shifted from $50.00-$52.50 cwt. ($1,102-$1,157/mt or $1,000-$1,050/nt), ex-mill, to $49.50-$52.00 cwt. ($1,091-$1,146/mt or $990-$1,040/nt), ex-mill.

Import prices from Mexico, sources note, are a bit cheaper. “Right now we’re seeing an average of $48.50-$50.00 cwt. ($1,069-$1,102/mt or $970-$1,000/nt) FOB Texas for 20” to 24” and approximately $46 cwt. ($1,014/mt or $920/nt) FOB Texas for smaller diameter,” a source said. “Overall, the market is still pretty ugly.”


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