Nonprofit organization sues Trump administration for confidential auto tariff report

Thursday, 21 March 2019 23:35:48 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

A nonprofit watchdog organization is suing the Trump administration to release a confidential Department of Commerce report that determines whether tariffs on auto and auto part imports are necessary to protect domestic industries.

The Cause of Action Institute had previously filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the document, which was delivered after a long delay to the White House in February. However, the administration is keeping it confidential, resulting in the new lawsuit. Donald Trump is scheduled to announce a decision on the potential 25 percent tariffs in mid-May.

"Commerce claims that the information contained in their report justifies the proposed auto-tariffs, but the government refuses to release this report," said James Valvo, counsel and senior policy adviser at Cause of Action Institute, in a news story from the Washington Examiner.

"The public should not have to take the government’s word that the report supports tariffs when the administration withholds the document it claims support its position," Valvo said. "The tariffs will harm American consumers and businesses, and the public has a right to see the information contained in the report."

Trump told reporters last month that the decision on the tariffs will be based on trade negotiations with the EU. "We are negotiating with them," Trump said. "If we do not make a deal, we'll do the tariffs."

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