New orders and shipments for US manufactured goods increase in March

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 18:21:40 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

New orders for manufactured goods in March, up 10 of the last 11 months, increased $5.8 billion or 1.1 percent to $512.9 billion, the US Census Bureau reported today. This followed a 0.5 percent February decrease.

Shipments, also up ten of the last eleven months, increased $10.8 billion or 2.1 percent to $513.6 billion. This followed a 1.9 percent February decrease.

Unfilled orders, up three consecutive months, increased $4.5 billion or 0.4 percent to $1,087.8 billion. This followed a 0.9 percent February increase. The unfilled orders-to-shipments ratio was 6.21, down from 6.30 in February.

Inventories, up seven of the last eight months, increased $5.2 billion or 0.7 percent to $707.7 billion. This followed a 0.8 percent February increase. The inventories-to-shipments ratio was 1.38, down from 1.40 in February.

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