Rebar ranks highest in Mexican finished steel production, fourth in consumption

Wednesday, 08 February 2023 00:10:23 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

Although rebar is the finished steel product with the highest production in Mexico, in consumption it ranked fourth place in 2022 with 3.56 million metric tons (mt), 0.3 percent or 9,000 mt more compared to 2021, according to data from the Mexican Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry (Canacero), reviewed by SteelOrbis.

Rebar production is the one with the highest production in Mexico with 4.16 million mt, 1.0 percent or 41,000 mt more than in 2021. Production in 2022 exceeded consumption of the same year by 16.9 percent or 601,000 mt.

Rebar exports totaled 614,000 mt, a figure higher by 5.9 percent or 34,000 mt more than in 2021. This product was the second most exported, only surpassed by the volume of seamless steel tubes with 735,000 mt. Of the 10 imported finished steel products, there are no records of rebar imports.

According to another Canacero report, the steel producers that manufacture rebar are ArcelorMittal, DeAcero, Gerdau Corsa, Grupo Acerero, Simec (through Aceros San Luis, Aceros DM and Siderurgica del Golfo, Sigosa), Ternium, and Talleres y Aceros (TYASA).

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