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Free HDG consumption in Mexico down 3.5 percent in March

Free Consumption in Mexico of steel plate fell 25.4 percent in March

Free Rebar consumption plummets in Mexico, March down 36 percent

Free FDI to Mexico up 9.0 percent to $20.3 billion in Q1

Free Mexican CRC consumption up 9.1 percent in March

Free Mexico’s HRC consumption remains stable in March

Free Steel producer prices in Mexico down 3.8 percent in April

Free Value of mining-metallurgy exports plummets 22 percent in March

Free Value of steel imports to Mexico posts worst drop in 43 months in March

Free Mexican Tyasa begins construction of 400,000 mt SBQ mill

Free Mexican industry players are concerned about constant blackouts ahead of summer

Free Mexican production of heavy trucks down 14.8 percent in April

Free Taiwanese LemTech inaugurates its first plant in Mexico

Free Production of basic metal in Mexico falls 24.9 percent in March

Free 91 percent of creditors support AHMSA, judge grants extension in bankruptcy

Free Austrian Abner will invest $30 million in a second plant in Mexico

Free Scrap demand might increase in Mexico with possible new investments

Free Auto parts production in Mexico up 13 percent to $10.38 billion

Free Crude steel production in Mexico falls to 41-month low in March

Free Consumption of finished steel products in Mexico falls 6.2 percent

Free Steel imports to Mexico exceed 1 million mt in March

Free Stellantis will manufacture hydrogen trucks in Mexico

Free Mexican vehicle production up 21.7 percent in April

Free Fixed investment in Mexico grows by 12.5 percent in February

Free Sales of Mexican Simec fall 38 percent and net income up 41 percent in Q1

Free Sales of new vehicles in Mexico up 14.8 percent in April

Free Net income of Mexican Grupo Collado drops 57 percent in Q1

Free Minera Autlán's net loss increases to $12.7 million in Q1

Free Mexico extends CVD for welded steel pipe from China until 2028

Free Mexico eliminates AD/CVD on steel plate imports from Japan and Italy

Free Steel employment in Mexico drops 0.3 percent in March

Free Mexican automotive exports decrease 2.4 percent in March

Free Austrian industrial machinery producer expands in Mexico with $62 million

Free Ternium’s net income up 2.3 percent in Q1

Free Iron ore imports to Mexico grow 110 percent in February

Free Mexican metal scrap imports fall 27 percent by value in February

Free Companies that contribute 30 percent of Mexico's GDP celebrate new steel tariffs

Free Mexico sets tariffs up to 50 percent on certain steel imports

Free Mexican iron pellet production in February up 2.8 percent

Free Construction value in Mexico up 25.9 percent in February

Free Mexican wire rod production down 0.5 percent in February

Free Wholesale metal scrap sales in Mexico down 12.8 percent in February

Free Mexican rebar consumption up 2.4 percent in February

Free Consumption of steel plate in Mexico decreases 5.5 percent in February

Free Simec joins Canacero, AHMSA not on list

Free HRC consumption in Mexico up 20 percent in February

Free Mexican CRC consumption up 30.4 percent in February

Free HDG consumption in Mexico up 5.4 percent in February

Free Exports of steel products from Mexico down 17 percent in February

Free Mexico's automotive trade flow up 29 percent in February

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