India’s steel ministry seeks proof from local steelmakers regarding Iranian imports

Monday, 25 March 2019 13:55:41 (GMT+3)   |   Kolkata

India’s Ministry of Steel has requested proof from domestic steel producers that Iranian steel is being dumped in local Indian market after being transshipped through the United Arab Emirates (UAE), government sources said on Monday, March 25.

Domestic steel producers have been asked to submit proof of the volumes of steel imported from Iran as alleged by them and also validation that steel shipped from the UAE is actually of Iranian origin, the sources added.

Only on receiving such proof from domestic steel producers will the government corroborate such proofs with evidence collected from various related government agencies before any firm decision can be considered in relation to the issue, the sources said.

Last week, the Indian Steel Association (ISA), the representative body of domestic steel companies, had sought government intervention of steel imported from Iran transshipped through the UAE, which the steel companies claimed was a violation of US sanctions against Iran.

The ISA in its communication to the Ministry of Steel has estimated that in the full 2018-19 financial year, Iranian steel shipments to India will total around 234,000 mt.

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