Chile may run out of steel due to issue at local ports

Friday, 08 January 2021 22:05:29 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

The Chilean steel industry may run out of steel, as the nation struggles to unload imported flat steel at the local Port of Lirquen.

According to the Chilean metal mechanic industry association, Asimet, there is 100,000 mt of steel “locked” under pipe towers for the wind power industry at the Port of Lirquen. But the pipe towers cannot be removed due to missing documents. Asimet said there are over 30 companies that need access to the “clogged” steel inventory.

Dante Arrigoni, president at Asimet, said there are “at least” three vessels waiting to remove the pipe towers. He added that the issue has caused damages and losses for the local steel industry, as current global inventories are limited and domestic demand in Chile is growing.

Arrigoni said Chile doesn’t produce flat steel, so it can’t replace the product “locked” at the Port of Lirquen. Arrigoni didn’t specifically clarify if part, most or all of the product stuck at the port is flat steel.

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