UK’s TRA initiates tariff rate quota review on rebar from developing countries

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 11:38:40 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

The UK’s Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) has announced that it has initiated a tariff rate quota (TRQ) review on rebar imports, subject to the safeguard trade remedy measure for over 120 developing countries, to assess whether the exceptions for imports from developing countries need to be amended based on updated import data.

As a result of the review, the TRA can recommend that imports from a developing country are now subject to the measure if it establishes that imports from the developing country have increased, taking the country’s imports above the three percent threshold for exception from the measure. On the other hand, the authority can also recommend that a developing country which was previously within scope of the safeguard measure should now be excluded if its imports have dropped below three percent of total imports of the product entering the country. 

The TRA is also planning to initiate a review for other categories of steel.

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