Flats and Slab

SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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US sheet prices still climbing, HRC exceeds $80 cwt.

Import HRC prices up in Vietnam amid China’s gains, demand still poor

India reacts to China’s export rebate removal

Indian steel mills begin hiking flat product base prices for June

Aggressive ex-India HRC sales create negative mood in Turkey

Import slab trade stalled in Turkey as bids and offers fail to match

Ex-China HDG prices start to rebound, following limited deals at low levels

Ex-China CRC prices edge up on back of local market improvement

Shagang Group raises local HRC prices by $7.8/mt for June

HRC export offers stable in Brazil

Ex-China HRC improve after local gains, easing of output curbs restrains optimism  

Japanese HRC exporters focus on outlets with higher prices amid low availability

Ex-India HRC prices down as sentiment among buyers bearish, mills not very aggressive

Asian slab market quiet as rebound in China’s HRC prices halts hope for further drop

Local Indian tradable HRC prices rise on expectations of base price hike in June

Local Turkish flat steel spot prices decline

Chinese plate exporters cut prices to stimulate demand, but local rebound to push prices up

ArcelorMittal increases coil prices by €20/mt in Europe

US sheet prices climb again, higher prices expected in June

Ex-China HRC prices may bottom up, but Vietnamese importers are pessimistic

Ex-China price freefall makes Emirati HRC importers cautious on new orders

Sharp fall in ex-China prices makes Vietnamese HRC importers cautious

Turkish re-rollers cut HDG and CRC prices, open to negotiation

Ex-China HDG prices down significantly, limited room for further decline

Competitive HRC pricing from Asian suppliers dampens mood in Turkey

Ex-China CRC prices plunge, following continuous declines locally

EU HRC prices surge again amid tight supply and strong demand

Pakistani customers book attractively priced HRC from China

Mills’ ex-China HRC prices plunge after $170/mt local drop in past week

Ex-India HRC under pressure from Chinese competition, but major mills reject any big declines

Slab prices in Asia retreat, buyers to be cautious as HRC falls rapidly

Local Indian HRC prices gain as select producers hike base prices for second time in May

Ex-China plate prices start to fall gradually, trend expected to continue

US sheet prices still firming by leaps and bounds

Mexico-origin HRC offer price in the US market keeps rising

CIS-based HRC mills gradually start July production export sales

Import HRC in Vietnam plunge amid China’s offers, market seeks clearer direction

HRC prices in Asia fall further, fears of new export tariffs in China emerge

Import HRC prices on the rise in the UAE, customers resist

Turkish flat steel spot market sees another record increase

Ex-China HDG offer prices decline by $50/mt

ArcelorMittal rises coil prices by €50/mt in the European market

China’s steel futures drop again: HRC exports competitive, billet imports unlikely to recover fast

HRC prices in EU increase slightly

Ex-China HRC prices under pressure from local correction, major mills avoid fall

Indian HRC exporters optimistic with prices higher despite fall in China, logistical issues

Higher import slab prices accepted in Asia, outlook still positive

Tokyo Steel announces surge in both longs and flats prices in Japan

Turkish coated steel prices hit new record high

Brazilian HRC export offers show sharp increase

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