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SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Local Indian HRC prices inch up as market factors in expected base price hike

US import HRC, CRC tons worth watching as domestic prices continue to soar

Ex-China HDG offers decline due to continuous downtrend in local market

ArcelorMittal raises its coil prices in Europe after break of one month

Local HRC mostly stable in EU while number of import offers climbs

HRC prices in Vietnam keep going down amid falling bids, cheaper position cargoes

Emirati re-rollers continue to book ex-India HRC actively

Ex-China CRC prices still under pressure, but decline minimal

Import HRC pricing again aggressive in Turkey while local origins also get cheaper

Turkish spot flat prices stable, but negotiable

US import HRC from Vietnam and Korea

Ex-India HRC sellers find few takers in Asia, focus on Middle East and renewed sales to EU

Fresh HRC bookings in Pakistan at higher prices

Ex-China HRC prices down further amid poor demand, local drop  

Exporters fail to provide lower slab prices in Asia

US import HRC from Mexico

Ex-China steel plate prices decline as bearish mood persists

Local Indian HRC prices remain high, stray discounted sales ruled out as a concern

US HRC, CRC prices still rising

Mixed sentiments in Turkey’s HRC segment

Import HRC prices in Vietnam under pressure from low demand

Ex-CIS HRC deal price range widens, outlook unclear

Ex-China HDG prices relatively stable, outlook not promising

HRC export offers show small increase in Brazil

Ex-China CRC offers down $10/mt, discounts in deals much bigger

Tokyo Steel raises only heavy plate prices in June, other product prices stable

HRC prices stable in EU as supply remains tight

Ex-China tradable HRC prices fail to improve as local market weaker after holiday

Pakistani customers book HRC in anticipation of price hike

Hoa Phat cuts local HRC prices in Vietnam as demand falls, import prices seek direction

Indian exporters sell HRC to Middle East and waiting for EU, avoiding low prices in Asia

Emirati HRC buyers replenish stocks despite expectations of further price drop

Local Indian HRC tradable prices keep increasing as base prices have room to rise further

US HRC prices fast approaching $1,700/nt

Formosa Ha Tinh rolls over HRC prices in Vietnam despite big pressure on local demand

Local flats prices announced in Russia, mostly increase

Baosteel keeps local HRC prices stable for July

Import HRC offers fail to improve in Turkey, local mills still prefer to wait

Ex-China HDG offers show minimal changes, weak demand exerts pressure

Severstal almost sold out for July production HRC

Uptrend in EU HRC market slows down

Ex-China CRC prices down, export rebate uncertainty keeps buyers away

Indian HRC exporters hope for improved prices after sales to alternative outlets

US import HRC from Mexico

Turkish HRC mills resist discounts as aggressive import offers vanish for now

Local decline pushes down ex-China HRC prices, export duty rumoured from June 15

Turkish flat steel spot market sees sluggish demand and lower prices

Local India HRC tradable prices up on expected further base price rise, easing of lockdowns

Asian buyers demand lower prices for import slabs

Ex-China steel plate prices stabilize with some demand seen, outlook bearish

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