Mexico opens consultation for eight steel norms

Thursday, 23 September 2021 22:06:59 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

Mexico’s economy secretariat, SE, has opened a public consultation for eight different steel norms, SteelOrbis has learned. All public consultations are open for a period of 60 days, which are counted effectively from September 23, 2021, onward.

The PROY-NMX-B-019-CANACERO-2020 norm will replace the NMX-B-019-CANACERO-2009 regulation. PROY-NMX-B-019-CANACERO-2020 sets the definitions for raw materials, materials, processes, and products used in the steel industry.

Another regulation, PROY-NMX-B-089-CANACERO-2020 establishes the definitions used in the thermic treatment of iron and steel products.

The PROY-NMX-B-198-CANACERO-2020 will set the requisites for both welded and seamless steel pipes.

All the eight steel norms open for consultation are: PROY-NMX-B-019-CANACERO-2020, PROY-NMX-B-085-CANACERO-2020, PROY-NMX-B-089-CANACERO-2020, PROY-NMX-B-198-CANACERO-2020, PROY-NMX-B-313-CANACERO-2020, PROY-NMX-B-320-CANACERO-2021, PROY-NMX-B-532-1-CANACERO-2021 and PROY-NMX-B-533-CANACERO-2021.

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