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Free ArcelorMittal Brazil investing over $796 million to expand longs capacity

Free Brazilian mining industry launches new funding network

Free Belgo Bekaert inaugurates innovation hub in Brazil

Free CSN and Minas Gerais state sign protocol of intentions for $5.4 billion investment

Free ArcelorMittal Brazil mulls big investments for the next three years

Free Brazilian company investing over $57 million to build steel mill

Free Belgo Bekaert to invest over $19 million by 2022 to expand Brazilian mills

Free Vale reduces Capex guidance for 2021

Free Vale to produce “green” iron briquette product by 2023

Free ArcelorMittal Brazil’s innovation fund makes its first investment

Free Gerdau investing over $14 million in environmental projects at Brazilian mill

Free Grupo Cedro investing $185 million in Brazilian iron ore projects

Free Gerdau investing over $1 billion in Minas Gerais state

Free Gerdau investing $500 million in HRC and structural profile expansion projects in Brazil

Free CSN Mineração expects to raise $196.8 million to fund terminal expansion

Free CSN invests in Singapore-based graphene startup

Free ArcelorMittal Brazil launches $19 million investment fund to aid startups

Free Gerdau investing over $180 million at its specialty steel business in Brazil

Free Aperam investing $42.6 million in Brazilian plant

Free Ternium investing $91 million in Brazilian mill

Free Ternium investing $500 million in environmental projects

Free Brazilian distributor Açotubo investing $20.8 million by 2023

Free Usiminas’ Capex spending to reach $279.3 million in 2021

Free Foreign investment in Brazil falls 50.6 percent in 2020

Free Vale to invest $2.7 billion in Brazil’s northern region

Free Simec to invest nearly $50 million to expand capacity at Brazilian mill

Free CSN plans to increase Capex spending in 2021

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