EU’s HRC import quota allocated for other countries exhausted in new period

Tuesday, 03 October 2023 16:45:19 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

With the beginning of the new EU quota period between October 1 and December 31, some of the import quotas for certain steel products will be exhausted when the tonnages waiting at ports are cleared through customs, while almost 50 percent of quotas for some steel products have already been exhausted, according to the European Commission’s data. 

Looking at the quotas that are exhausted, quotas of 933,743 mt for non-alloy and alloy HRC, and 121,207 mt for non-alloy and other alloy wire rod, allocated to other countries, are set to be exhausted as 1,041,719 mt of HRC and 121,765 mt of wire rod imported from other countries are waiting at EU ports. In addition, 132,972 mt of metallic coated sheets (4B), 7,393 mt of sheet piling, and 9,601 mt of large welded tubes (25B) imported from China are waiting for customs clearance, while the tonnages allocated for the country are at 127,995 mt, 6,986 mt and 8,436 mt, respectively. 

Regarding India, its quota of 31,677 mt for stainless bars and light sections will be exceeded as 37,403 mt of these products from India are waiting at EU ports. 

The quotas for some steel products that are almost 50 percent exhausted are presented in the tables below. 



Quota amount (mt) 

Awaiting allocation (mt) 


Electrical sheets (3B) 




Tin mill products 




Other seamless pipes 




Hollow sections 



South Korea 




Other countries 

Electrical sheets (3B) 



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