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Free Liberty Steel plans to sell Czech subsidiary

Free Liberty Ostrava begins to implement restructuring plan B amid deadlock with Tameh

Free Baltic countries and Czech Republic seek EU ban on ex-Russia scrap imports

Free Liberty Ostrava develops alternative restructuring plan for restart of BF

Free Liberty Ostrava focuses on maximizing output, continues talks with energy supplier

Free Liberty Ostrava judged to be bankrupt, company claims otherwise

Free Czech-based Třinecké Železárny to invest over CZK 1.5 billion in decarbonization in 2024

Free Liberty Ostrava to restart BF No. 3 in January, to continue to engage with energy supplier

Free Liberty Ostrava seeks protection from creditors

Free Liberty Steel idles one BF each at Ostrava and Galati

Free Czech Republic-based Skoda Auto halts production at Kvasiny plant

Free Liberty Ostrava decommissions one of three coke ovens

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