US domestic HDG market continues to trend steady, but weak

Monday, 26 August 2019 21:20:20 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

Prices within the US domestic HDG market have not changed week-on-week, although sources tell SteelOrbis that current price points are expected to be temporary. Deals for large-tonnage orders, around $2.00 cwt. ($44/mt or $40/nt) below general spot prices, are predicted to become more widespread, and by mid-September, sources say US HDG prices will start to dwindle.

Market players attending the CRU-SMU flat steel conference this week said they are hoping to glean some insights into the market to help guide buying decisions, but overall, the US domestic HDG market is continuing to trend weak.

Current US HDG spot market prices are listed in the chart below:

Product $/cwt $/mt $/nt Delivery Weekly change
US domestic HDG base price $37-$38   $816-$838 $740-$760   ex-mill neutral with deals  
US domestic Galvalume base price   $37-$38 $816-$838 $740-$760 ex-mill neutral with deals
0.019x41.5625 Gr80/AZ55 $47-$48 $1,036-$1,058   $940-$960 ex-mill neutral with deals

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