US Steel wins Department of Energy grant to expand AHSS capabilities

Thursday, 07 March 2019 02:01:02 (GMT+3)   |   San Diego

US Steel announced today that it has accepted an award from the High-Performance Computing for Manufacturing Program (HPC4Mfg) Special Call: Steel and Aluminum, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, to expand the company's manufacturing capabilities for advanced high-strength steel (AHSS).

The goal of the winning project, drafted by researchers Evgueni Nikitenko and Susan Farjami at US Steel's Research and Technology Center in Munhall, Pennsylvania, is to enhance the company's hot strip mill model used in creating AHSS. This type of steel is used by automakers to manufacture economically lightweight vehicles to meet increasing fuel efficiency requirements while maintaining high safety standards. Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where the research will take place, will receive $300,000 to collaborate with US Steel on the winning project, which will take about one year to complete.

Kevin Zeik, US Steel Senior Research Fellow, said, "We are looking forward to collaborating with Lawrence Livermore National Lab High-Performance Computing modeling, simulation and data experts to address key manufacturing challenges in the production of advanced high-strength steel."

The award is presented to the company that best fulfills the mission of this sixth HPC4Mfg solicitation, which is to honor "collaborations that will address key manufacturing challenges in the production of primary and secondary steelmaking and aluminum production processes."

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