Thailand imposes definitive AD duty on coated CRC from China, S. Korea

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 12:11:15 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

Thailand’s Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) has announced definitive antidumping duty (AD) on cold rolled coil, plated or coated with aluminum and zinc, imported from China and South Korea, for a period of five years effective from November this year.

The definitive antidumping duty rates on the given products are at 40.77 percent for China, at seven percent and 4.27 percent for South Korean steelmakers Dongkuk Steel and SeAh Coated Metal Corporation, respectively, while the duties are at 33.62 percent for other South Korean companies.

The products in question are classified under the HS codes 7210.7011.032, 77210.7011.042, 7210.7011.043, 7210.7011.044, 7210.7011.090, 7210.7091.020, 7210.7091.030, 7210.7091.040, 7210.7091.090, 7212.4011.090, 7212.4012.090, 7212.4019.090, 7212.4091.090, 7212.4092.090, 7212.4099.090, 7225.9990.072, 7225.9990.073, 7225.9990.074, 7225.9990.076, 7225.9990.077, 7225.9990.078, 7225.9990.079, 7225.9990.090, 7226.9919.090 and 7226.9999.090.

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