CMTC: California manufacturers retained and created jobs in 2009

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 15:58:18 (GMT+3)   |  

Southern California, US-based manufacturers receiving consulting services from California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), a nonprofit corporation, reported an overall $72 million in increased sales and $293 million in retained sales in 2009. The results, released by an independent third party, were obtained from 612 small to medium sized manufacturers who reported impacts on their business in 2009, a CMTC statement said.

The 2009 report also showed that increased sales supported job growth and retention. Of the 612 manufacturers surveyed, 183 showed sales increases with 112 of those manufacturers able to retain employee jobs. Overall, the manufacturers surveyed reported retaining 2,492 jobs and adding an additional 529 jobs for a total exceeding 3,000. Taking the manufacturing job multiplier effect into account (each manufacturing job creates approximately five additional jobs), a total of approximately 15,100 jobs were saved.

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