Iron ore prices show another small increase in Brazil

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 22:49:45 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

Reflecting higher iron ore prices in the Chinese spot market, the price of Brazilian sinter feed fines of 65 percent iron contents and the equivalent pellets have increased by $1/mt from last week, while the lumps price remained stable.

Sinter feed fines of 65 percent iron contents are now estimated to be traded for export from Brazil at $99/mt, the equivalent lumps at $108/mt and blast furnace grade pellets at $139/mt, all CFR conditions destined to China.

In the Brazilian domestic market, for equivalent ores, the prices are $61/mt for sinter feed fines, $70/mt for lumps and $101/mt for blast furnace grade pellets, ex-works, no taxes included.

In September, Brazil exported 25.39 million mt of iron ore (pellets excluded), destined to Asia (22.12 million mt, of which 18.76 million mt to China), Europe (1.89 million mt), the Middle East (904,500 mt) and Latin America (470,800 mt).

Pellet exports reached 1.75 million mt in September, destined to Asia (934,100 mt, of which 634,600 mt to China), Latin America (333,000 mt), the EU (198,000 mt), Africa (193,100 mt) and the US (89,300 mt).

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