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SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Romania’s flats segment not yet affected by positive outlook in EU and Asia

Import HRC prices rise in new deals in southern Europe

HRC prices remain strong in EU market, more hikes targeted

Mill’s flats prices rise in Romania, retail prices dip

Local HRC prices in EU keep climbing, outlook still positive

Romanian flats prices trend up, demand slightly better

Domestic and import HRC prices in Europe trend up as expected

HRC prices in EU market expected to reach €700/mt

European HRC mills raise prices ahead of holidays, trade to revive in mid-Jan

Romanian flats producer still offering, closes BF due to maintenance and unfavorable environment

Domestic and import HRC rises in EU despite slowing business activity

Romania's flats market under pressure from low demand, aggressive import offers

European HRC mills keep offers stable, mood upbeat as bullishness mounts in import segment

HRC prices stop decreasing in EU, import offers on the rise

Retail flats prices soften in Romania, local mill gives sizeable discounts

European HRC prices seem to have bottomed out, but significant rise still doubtful

Retail flats prices down in Romania, local mill keeps offers stable

Asian HRC suppliers keep cutting prices sharply in Europe, local market seeks clearer direction

Romanian domestic HRC prices stable despite depressed market 

Tradable local and import HRC prices in EU fall further amid slow demand

Mood still poor in EU domestic and import HRC market

Local Romanian mill’s flats prices stable despite low trade

Romanian producer cuts flats prices, local retailers’ prices stable

Slow demand in EU HRC market, import prices keep exerting pressure

HRC prices down further in EU, mills expected to cut outputs to limit declines

Romania’s flats prices stable but outlook gloomy

Romania’s flats prices trend down further while sole producers’ cold and coated prices went up

HRC prices fall further in EU, lower prices still awaited

HRC prices in Europe move downwards, further drop still possible

Tradable HRC prices drop further in Europe, buyers still in wait-and-see mode

Local flats prices in Romania dragged down by weak demand

HRC prices in Europe still relatively stable, local and import trade slow

HRC prices mainly stable in Europe, high stocks and low demand remain an issue

ArcelorMittal reconsiders its coil offers in Europe

Romanian producer seeks to hike HRC prices, local retailers stable

HRC buyers in EU push local mills for discounts, interest in import offers increases

Mill’s flats prices steady in Romania, while retail offers surge

Local and import HRC prices in EU keep climbing due to energy issue

European HRC producers hike prices despite slow demand, import prices follow suit

Local Romanian mill hikes flats prices, retailers prefer to wait

ArcelorMittal raises its coil offers in Europe beyond expectations

HRC prices in Europe move downwards, activity still limited

Mills prices up while retail prices weaken in Romania flat steel market

HRC prices down in EU market amid drops in northern Europe, unclear expectations for Sept

Romania’s flats prices decline further, but retail HRS prices stable

EU HRC market slows down ahead of holidays, lower import offers fail to attract buyers

Local Romanian flats prices stable, negative mood emerges

European HRC producers keep offers stable, but import prices still soften

Mood improves in EU domestic HRC market, import prices mainly stable

Romanian flat steel prices stable, outlook for cold rolled mixed

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