WSD Strategic Insights CXXVII: Macro and Micro Chinese steel-consuming activity indices are not as precise as wished

WSD employs two monthly indices that seek to track activity levels in China’s steel-consuming sectors.  The Macro Index ...

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Product Weekly Change (%)
Iron Ore 62% Fe, CFR China, $/mt 6.96
Scrap HMS I/II 80:20, CFR Turkey, $/mt -1.35
Billet FOB CIS, $/mt -0.61
Rebar FOB Turkey, $/mt 0
HRC FOB China, $/mt -0.97
Wire Rod FOB China, $/mt -1.93
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Product Weekly Change (%)
HRC SS400 FOB China -0.48
Iron ore (62%) CFR China -7.82
Rebar FOB Turkey -1.08
Scrap HMS I/II 80:20 CFR Turkey -1.66
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  Weekly Change (%)
Turkish Rebar Index -1.22
Turkish Scrap Index -1.51
China HRC export index -0.48
US (East Coast) HMS I/II scrap export index -1.24
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USA Scrap Export January - May 2020 / mton
Turkey 1,552,734
Mexico 871,655
Malaysia 774,680
Taiwan 707,184
Bangladesh 602,535
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