Brazilian officials halt activities at six Vale iron ore dams

Thursday, 11 April 2019 00:48:51 (GMT+3)   |   Sao Paulo

Brazilian officials halted activities at six Vale’s iron ore dams in Minas Gerais state, said a special secretariat of labor, which is linked to the nation’s ministry of economy.

The dams include the Forquilha I, Forquilha II, and Forquilha III at Vale’s Fábrica complex in the city of Ouro Preto, as well as the Marés II (Fábrica complex), Maravilhas II (Vargem Grande complex) and Grupo dams (Fábrica complex).

On March 31, Brazil had already halted activities at 36 dams in the country. Officials said Vale’s dams presented an imminent, serious risk for the safety of workers.

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