Flats and Slab

SteelOrbis provides the latest flats and slab prices and price trends via the flats and slab price reports and market analyses listed below. These flats and slab price reports are derived from actual flats and slab market transactions and they can also be viewed on a weekly basis by using the archive drop-down tool below.

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Indian CRC prices keep falling as lower end-user demand hikes supply rise concerns

Local Indian HRC prices remain under pressure, trades limited

Indian HDG export deals only at discount in Gulf, demand from EU delayed

Indian HRC exports almost halted as trading to Asia on hold, Gulf demand limited

Local Indian CRC prices fall further amid higher-than-expected auto output cuts

Local Indian HRC prices soften amid suppliers’ higher stocks, weak outlook

Indian HRC exporters sell mainly to Middle East, start talks with EU buyers

Local Indian HRC market still depressed by lower exports, weak demand

Local Indian CRC market sees setbacks in sentiments and prices

Indian HDG exporters push up prices for second consecutive week

Local CRC prices in India edge up, but outlook not very optimistic

Indian HDG exporters successfully push up prices in Gulf on revived buying

Ex-India HRC trade limited by Asian buyers’ low valuations, prices sliding

Local Indian HRC tradable prices correct downwards because of sluggish sales

Indian CRC prices fall due to supply side pressure, lower than expected auto sector demand

Indian HDG export prices stable, trading activity weak amid rising freight rates

Indian mills try to keep HRC prices stable as demand from emerging markets offsets low Asian bids

Indian CRC traded prices soften amid demand slowdown

Local Indian HRC prices mostly stable as outlook not bad, but discounted sales possible

Ex-India HDG prices stable amid scarcer trade, market seeks direction

Indian HRC exporters raise prices amid widening of trade geography

Local Indian HRC prices supported by manufacturing sector uptrend

Mood in Indian CRC market turns nervous amid supply chain disruptions in auto sector

Indian HDG exporters hike prices slightly, mainly amid rebound expectations, supported by China

Indian HRC exporters not in mood to cut prices, despite poor buyer sentiment

Local Indian HRC prices move up as mills start hiking base prices for Aug

Indian HDG exporters maintain prices amid poor trading, but expect strong rebound

Indian HRC exports come to near halt on rising demand recession fears in Asia

Local Indian HRC market weak due to fall in sales, anticipation of price correction

Indian local CRC prices maintain amid demand and strong outlook for automobile industry

Indian HDG exporters pull back discount sales, nudge prices up

Indian HRC export volumes surge, but price realizations below sellers’ expectations

High supply and weak demand depress local Indian HRC market, but mills’ outlook positive

Indian CRC prices edge up on rising bookings by integrated mills

Indian HDG exporters improve trades amid sales to Gulf ahead of holiday

Lower ex-India HRC prices result in export of 100,000 mt to Asia, Turkey

Local Indian HRC prices soften triggered by weak demand

Some Indian mills cut local CRC prices, well-booked re-rollers hold high prices

Indian HDG exporters refuse to cut prices further despite weak Gulf demand, exhausted EU quota

Indian standalone re-rollers hike CRC prices after closing long-term contracts

Local Indian HRC prices under pressure from rising supply as export sales poor

Indian HDG exporters improve sales in Gulf at lower prices, EU buying scarce

Indian HRC export prices retreat amid fall in Asia, weak sales to EU

Local Indian CRC markets upbeat as producers negotiate higher long-term supply prices with auto companies

Local Indian HRC prices inch up as market factors in expected base price hike

Indian HDG exporters push up prices amid renewed buying from EU

Ex-India HRC sellers find few takers in Asia, focus on Middle East and renewed sales to EU

Indian CRC prices supported by auto firms moving towards full capacity use

Local Indian HRC prices remain high, stray discounted sales ruled out as a concern

Ex-India HDG prices lower in response to soft bids from Gulf, sellers cut export allocations

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