Producers at IREPAS: Only bright spot is possible reduction in US AD rates on Turkish rebar

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 14:21:40 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

At the SteelOrbis 2019 Fall Conference & 81st IREPAS Meeting held in Düsseldorf on September 22-24, Murat Cebecioğlu from Turkish steel producer ICDAS, chairman of IREPAS and also of the producers committee, said that during the producers committee meeting the main topic under discussion was protectionism. Recalling that the due to tariffs in the US it is not possible for Turkey to export to this market, he pointed out, however, that the preliminary results of the AD review in the US on Turkish rebar signal that the duty rates might come down. Mr. Cebecioğlu said that, if this happens, it will help Turkish exporters. He added that trade measures have changed the way business is shaped. “Exporters become importers and imports become exporters,” he noted.

The IREPAS chairman stated that most Turkish producers are slowing down their operations or are extending maintenance periods. He went on to remark that, with the major markets closed, Turkey is left with South America and Africa for its exports, while the number one and number two markets for Turkish exports are currently Yemen and Israel. “At the moment, things do not look so bright, if protectionist measures keep on like this,” he said. He added that the only bright spot is the antidumping duty review in the US. Given the fact that the EU is trying to toughen the rules on safeguards, he said that he did not really know what to expect but commented that “things are not good at the moment”. Amid difficulties in finished steel sales, Turkish exporters have turned to billet exports. The producers committee chairman said that, if the current situation continues, Turkish billet exports might see further increases.

Commenting on the possible change in the US tariff on Turkish steel, Mr. Cebecioğlu said that, if the tariffs are replaced with a quota, this will be to Turkey’s advantage, although he said he did not know which year they would take into consideration to set up quotas. He said he hoped a quota is established, though adding that he did not know what the US side will ask in return.

Regarding the new changes suggested in billet import duty in Egypt, Cebecioğlu said that a 50 percent reduction in the duty rate would give importers relief as Egypt has traditionally been a billet import market.

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