JFE Shoji Steel put second steel processing plant in Hai Phong into operation

Monday, 22 February 2021 17:51:39 (GMT+3)   |   Istanbul

Japanese steelmaker JFE Holdings Co. has announced that JFE Shoji Steel Hai Phong Co. Ltd. (JSHP), a subsidiary of Vietnam-based trading division JFE Shoji Trade Corporation, has completed the construction of its second steel processing plant in Hai Phong and has started its operation in February this year.

JSHP decided to expand its production capacity through operations at the second steel processing plant. Furthermore, with the advance of motor manufacturer accumulation in the northern area of Vietnam, JSHP plans to promote the value-added stamping investment and expand the additional processing function.

With the expansion of production capacity at the second steel processing plant of JSHP and with collaboration with JFE Shoji Steel Vietnam in the southern area of Vietnam, JFE Shoji will provide a valuable processing and distribution service comprehensively from the south and north of Vietnam.                                              

JSHP was established to meet the demand of sheet and strip for home appliances as the second steel processing center in Vietnam in 2013. The economy of Vietnam is expected to grow strongly with abundant and diligent labor resources. Hai Phong city has the largest harbor in Vietnam and receives export shipments from foreign companies. Acceleration of the production transfer from China with the influence of China-US trade frictions has also promoted further development in Vietnam.

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