Federacciai: Italian steel producers risk being cut off from markets

Monday, 30 March 2020 17:48:28 (GMT+3)   |   Brescia

The Italian steel sector is 95 percent idled, while production continues in countries such as Germany, France and Spain, said Alessandro Banzato, president of Italian steel producers association Federacciai, in an interview with Italian news agency ANSA. "In perspective, the Italian steel industry will suffer as it will lose its presence in the markets," he added. Albeit with a very strict respect for safety, in agreement with the unions and based on comforting scientific data about the trend of the emergency, it is necessary to evaluate "a slow, light, and gradual restart of our plants," Mr. Banzato stated.

"We may be absent for a while, but it cannot be something that lasts too long, especially if in other European countries behaviors are different," warned Banzato. "It is clear that we risk being left out. Those who have an order do not wait. If they see that you are no longer there, they look elsewhere," he added. Federacciai will probably discuss with the Italian government "to see if in the week before Easter or the following week it will be possible, perhaps with limits, to start thinking if we can begin to resume some production," Banzato said.

ArcelorMittal Italia is still producing, albeit at a slower pace, but Mr. Banzato said he thinks the plant "has problems with shipments." He explained that, as many customers are on a break, producers need to stop at a certain point since they cannot accumulate excessive stocks.

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