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Basic Information

We have export power and exports more than 80% production to europe and the other countries.We can combine wire drawing,heat treatment, rope twist & close ,PVC & nylon coating,punch into one.We are backed by: ISO9001:2000 quality system certified ,using 5S management scheme to require operation standardization.We apply ourselves to improve quality and innovate technic.Mr. Jiang, chairman of the group was invited to participate to draft and institute the standard GB/T9944-2002 of stainless steel wire rope in 2002.We have developed an extensive range of products for stainless steel wire rope, PVC or Nylon coated wire rope , minitype galvanized wire rope, fishing wire rope,stainless steel sling.Main specification are 1*19,6*7,6*19,6*36,6*37,7*7,7*19,7*37 and etc.Our wire rope materials mainly are 302, 304 and 316 and etc.Diameter range is from 0.15mm to 50mm.We can produce according to GB,DIN,ANSI & Australia standard.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer