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Basic Information

Their company, which is located in Izmir Cigli Ataturk Industrial Zone, has a 21.000 square meter warehouse and marketing facility of which 12.000 square meter is enclosed. With the support of our sister company, Norm Cıvata Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ. with its 35.000 tons of production, we became the choice of big companies. Their aim is to keep offering the best to our stakeholders; and in order to achieve this aim, we are making new investments every day. Through our sales and marketing staff of 110 at head office, and a local marketing network covering 48 provinces in 6 main regions throughout Turkey, we are committed to customer satisfaction and consider our customers real business partners. Standart Civata AS, which is the leader of its sector both in import and export, has not only filled a great gap in production industry through importing drill screws, chipboard screws, threaded rod, flat and spring washers and inox fasteners, but it has also brought quality to the market. With a strong export policy based on competitive pricing, high quality and on-time delivery, Standart Civata exports quality to a multitude of countries including Germany, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Iran, Slovenia, Ireland, Estonia, Israel, Tunisia, and Egypt. The company is also capable of supplying tailored fasteners and has been offering its clients Home Depo and Kanban systems since 2006. Retail sales are offered at its branch office at 1.Sanayi Sitesi.


Trader (Local)