Basic Information

As being the one of the biggest companies of the AYDINER GROUP OF COMPANIES which consists of 15 companies, Samsun Machinery Industries Co. Inc. (SMS), is the top supplier in Turkey for irrigation, infrastructure and municipal equipment, with necessary services for installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation, since it was established in Samsun, in 1967. The production program of SMS covers the design and manufacture of the pumping and piping equipment, such as the centrifugal, mixed and axial flow pumps for water; gate, butterfly, check and air valves, DI pipe fittings, tapping valves, fire hydrants etc., together with mechanical items for dams and treatment plants, such as energy dissipation valves, gates, transitions, pressure vessels, surge tanks and penstocks and finally, SMS, supplies a complete package of investment goods with related energy and control systems. Besides its subsidiary, Layne Bowler Company, which is a leading manufacturer of submersible and line shaft vertical turbine pumps, in Ankara and branch offices, SMS, as the main plant, has one of the biggest and most equipped facility in manufacturing and foundry sectors. This remarkable foundry based factory is located on a 90.000 m2 open, 40.000 m2 closed area in Samsun Industrial Zone, and have an annual casting capacity of 30.000 tones. With two foundry lines, one being fully automatic; parts having weight between 1 kg to 12 tons can be molded and manufactured.


Iron Foundry / Castings