Basic Information

MADESTA has been manufacturing and supplying components for tubular wind towers and storage tanks to the European market since 1998. Over 10 years, MADESTA has shipped more than 500 000 tons of various prefabricated steel parts and products to its clients all over Europe, among them In 2006 it was decided to start building of a new steel processing facility in Sevastopol, Ukraine - MADESTA SERVICE CENTER (MSG). The plant was set in operation in September 2009. It is an up-to-date high-technological and ISO 9001 certified facility. Workforce size: 251 people. They purchase heavy plates and manufacture steel components for wind towers and wind tower inner parts (door frames, ladders etc), components for storage tanks and reservoirs, construction equipment , shipbuilding etc. Europe is their main sales market. They buy heavy plates (max width 3,200mm; max length 16m; max thickness 300mm; max weight 16mt)


Steel Service Center