Basic Information

As a company with 20 years of trading experience in steel products, Kin Kee Hardware has built up a wide inventory of a range of steel products to support the industrial sector in Malaysia. While we have the headquarters in Kuantan, Pahang, our company has extended our reach to the important central region by setting up a branch in Klang, Selangor. Kin Kee Hardware is one of the member of Kin Kee Group. Therefore, we act as the main dealer within the Kin Kee Group, who is an integrated steel mill from upstream to downstream steel making. Besides, we are also capable to import various kinds of steel products which are not available locally. In February 2004 we established a steel service centre in Klang where we provide steel coil shearing and other added value services. Our products are sold throughout the country from Peninsular Malaysia even to Sabah and Sarawak consistently