Basic Information
The name of quality and reliability

“HEYBETLİ METALLURGY” has been working for 50 years and is one of the leading companies that produce Electric Arc Furnace Components, Copper & Bronze Products and Stainless Steel Casting Products in İstanbul / TURKEY. Heybetli Metallurgy is specialized particularly in the production of Electric Arc Furnace Components (EAF Equipments) for Iron and steel plants. Electric Arc Furnace Components are Electrode Holders, Contact Pads, Contact Plates, Contact Fences, Electrode Arms, Bus Bars, Cooling Panels, Wall / EBT Water Box, Oxygen and Carbon Lances, Nozzles, Cooling Blocks, Burners, Burner Systems, Jet Burners, Bulged Blocks, Jet Injectors and Copper + Steel Construction EAO spare parts. Heybetli Metallurgy manufactures these according to designs, drawings and technical specifications that its customers desire. Following the cutting edge technologies, Heybetli Metallurgy provides a broad product line to its customers operating in many different industries. Heybetli Metallurgy serves its customers not only as a trade partner or supplier of materials and special ordered products but also as a “partner for quality” to find solutions whenever they face different kinds of problems. It has Quality Management Certifications of TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and Bureau Veritas.


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