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Applications range from the transportation of water, gas, petrochemical product, slurries to piling and structural steel fabrication. Electric resistance welding (ERW) and submerged arc welding (SAW) technologies are used to produce pipes from different grades of carbon or special alloy steels and can be supplied square ended, bevelled, belled or with specialised jointing methods depending on customer requirements. Hall Longmore is an industry leader in the technology and application of protective and anticorrosion coatings and linings to steel pipes in accordance with international standards. External protective coatings include fusion bonded epoxy coatings, fusion bonded medium density polyethylene coating (Sintakote II®), 3-Layer coatings and liquid epoxy coatings and linings. Internal linings comprise traditional cement mortar / concrete and solvent free epoxies. A programme of quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (Q1 Program) and International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001:2000), is entrenched in Hall Longmore’s process and management systems. Trained and qualified personnel perform tests in association with customers’ representatives and regular audits of procedures, controls and records are undertaken by independent bodies. Hall Longmore is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute for the manufacture of line pipe to API specification 5L (PSL1 & PSL 2) and 5CT.

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