Basic Information

Foca Steel Works " was established in February 2007. Various steel products are produced in the factory . These are ribbed (deformed ) bars, plain reinforcing bars. Also they are trading on Merchant bars. Ribbed ( deformed ) steel reinforcing bars and plain reinforcing bars between sizes 8mm up to 25mm conforming to all kinds of standards., accompanying with ISO 9001 TUV Certificate and/or GOST 380-94 ( Russian Quality Certificate ) plus other types of steel products are available with the company. Production according to TS , ASTM , DIN 488 , BS , A500S , FE 500 , SAE , ELOT , NT26-05 , SBK 420 are avalilable as well as other types of qualities are achieved on demand. They are importing billets from Ukraine and Russia and also buy from the local market. Their exportation is mainly based on European countries, Middle East, North Africa West Africa ,Russia , Saudi Arabia , Ethiopia , Yemen , Kuwait , Dubai , Bahrain and Oman . They have business realationship with major banks in Turkey such as Akbank, Garanti Bankası, İş Bankası, Yapı Kredi Bankası, TEB, Finasbank and Kuvet Türk. Tax office: Konak Vergi Dairesi 3880575906. Number of emloyees 12. e- mail:


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