Basic Information
Selling ferrous scraps since 1977
EISENHARDT is a bonafided exporter of the products from Argentina and reseller of foreign commodities since 1977 in the international market

EISENHARDT SCRAP YARD ARGENTINA http://eisenhardt-trading.com/industrial-products-scrap-metals *** For your references, EISENHARDT ® is our trade mark registered under Resolution No. 2606238 of commercial international trade marks. ** EISENHARDT is exporter of the products from Argentina and reseller of foreign commodities since 1977 in the international market, 8 Awards won exportations to the 5 continents and more than 40 EAA members that represent us. We have been exporting commodities to Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Germany, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam. ** EISENHARDT is proud to share with you our recent updates and achievements: ** • Company. Photos of our principals and company resume. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/company • Family History. Dates, places and photos of our family tradition. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/family-english.html • Financial Audits. Periods 2012-2016. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/empresa-english-financial.html • Trade License. Certification at INPI. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/tradelicense.html • References. August 2016 opened direct communications with Hindalco/Aditya Birla - India, biggest producer of Al and Cu. May 2017 obtained crude oils and fuels supply from Heritage Oil / Shoreline Natural Resources. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/references • Google verified places. Germany Office, Buenos Aires Offices, San Nicolas Scrap Yard. This helps our new clients to locate and verify us easily. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/contact • Ranking. EISENHARDT is ranked 1st worldwide and 1st in Argentina for scrap metals between 14 M results in Google and Yahoo searchers. ** To know more about EISENHARDT www.eisenhardt-trading.de , we kindly invite you to visit us at: • EISENHARDT Engineering - Construction www.eisenhardt.com.ar • EISENHARDT`s Facilities Area www.eisenhardt-trading.com/facilities-english.html • EISENHARDT`s Linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/company/eisenhardt-trading.de • EISENHARDT`s Scrap Yard http://www.eisenhardt-trading.com/productosindustriales/scrap_metals.html • EISENHARDT`s Steel / Metal trade www.inoxideas.com.ar


Scrap Yards

8000 mton

2016 USD 2.000.001 - 5.000.000




FacilitiesPlease visit our facilities http://www.eisenhardt-trading.com/facilities-english.htmlEisen Scrap Yard San Nicolashttp://eisenhardt-trading.com/industrial-products-scrap-metals * steel scrap metals, HMS, used rails, stainless steel/copper/aluminum/lead, shredded 211, LMS, steel turning scrap, rotors, electronic..

Financial Audtis - Periods 2012-2016. http://eisenhardt-trading.com/empresa-english-financial.html

2016 8 international awardsPlease visit this link for awards details http://www.eisenhardt-trading.com/premios-english.html
2014 Trade Licensehttp://eisenhardt-trading.com/tradelicense.html
2017 Shipmentshttp://www.eisenhardt-trading.com/embarques-english.html