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Basic Information

A mini mill that produces galvanized plate, trepezoid plate, anle bar, channel bar, I-bar, T-bar, flat steel, hot rolled steel pipes, precise pipes, boiler tubes, boiler plate. ATS is a dynamically developing company, which has been on the Polish steel market since1998. In 2001 a small private company, owing to changes in organizational and legal structure, was transformed into a big company of an international range managed by professionals. The main area of our activity is export and import of steel products and wholesale of them. For over three years we have been on the Polish market the main importer of rolled steel from steel mill in Moldavia and Czech steel mill Moravia Steel. Moreover, we cooperate with Ukrainian steel mills- Krzywy Róg, Makijewka, and Dniepropietrowska. What is more, our company runs an advanced activity in the field of transport and international forwarding. The management’s seat and its main transport base are located in Northern Poland- in Toruń. The main store, for the location of the most important Polish steel mills, is situated in Myszków, where the main national routes cross: North-South, East-West. This is here from where we supply our customers from Southern and central Poland and Europe.


Trader (International)