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Atries group of companies 1- Atreis commercial agencies 2- Company Al Atries Egypt for shaping and Reinforcing steel. 3- Company Al Atries for Ready Mix. 4- Company Ezz Eldin Atries for transportation. 5- Establishing ITALICA for food and Beverages And juice and mineral water Company in Elsadat city. 6- The Egyptian / Russian company for villages And tourist resorts. The main activities for Al Atries Group Of Companies are : - • Trade, supply and distribution of steel and Billet of all kind of producers inside and outside the republic - shaping and reinforcing steel by Atris Egypt. • Trade, supply and distribution of cement of various kinds through-Atris for agencies and Al Noreen. • Ready mixed concrete company:-the company owns the latest equipment for producing concrete industry. • Transportation: Ezz Eldin Corporation was formed for self-sufficient – with the highest possible rate – to transfer the productions dealt with. • Forming the Egyptian / Russian company for construction of resorts and tourist villages. • Establishing ITALICA for food and beverages and juice and mineral water. The Company at a glance The beginning of Atris to commercial agencies was in trading and assembling electrical devices and we were dealers for Samsung and import bagged cement and steel for construction and we left trading and assembly of electrical devices at the end of the 1990s and we devoted all our efforts in the activity of trading, supply and distribution of steel and cement till we managed to acquire its first base in the city of Alexandria “Where we were the first company in Egypt to import bagged cement from Poland and Russia and Romania where ‘Abo Fatlah’ cement and ‘Atries cement’ occupied a great place and fame throughout Egypt till cement industry started in Egypt and exporting cement stopped, then we became an agent for all cement companies and also we became an agent for all steel for construction companies in Egypt and once the technology for building with steel and cement was introduced, the group developed and introduced such technologies and it introduced on the steel the formation and shaping and on the cement the ready mix and thus became the major distribution of steel and also bagged cement and ready mix in Egypt.”


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2013 USD 50.000.000 and above