Basic Information

Algan Metal Inc. have been working in welding sector as a professional company. We have been serving about all types of welding consumables sales and application, solutions of welding problems, counseling and engineering instructions in specific points. We have been producing solutions for welding problems in all sectors with joining our experiences to variety and quality of UTP repair and maintenance welding consumables and Soudokay hardfacing cored wires that are in group of Böhler Thyysen, Hyundai Welding Flux Cored Wires, Welding Electrodes, Gas Shielded & Submerged Arc Welding Wires and Abicor Binzel Welding Torchs and fittings and also Fronius welding machines for perfect welding. We have been providing to get best and right solutions for problems with determining right welding consumables and right procedures to non-corrosive and acid resistant steels in Tank Construction, nickel and nickel alloys in Power Plant and Plant Construction, nickel and nickel alloys in Liquid Gas Tanks / LNG, highly non-corrosive and heat resistant steels in Chemical Plant Construction, highly non-corrosive CrNi-steels and nickel alloys in Environmental Engineering, high temperature CrNi-cast alloys and nickel basis materials in Petrochemical Industry, high-resistance wear protection alloys in Steel Production,Non-corrosive and acid resistant steels in Food Industry, wear-resistant alloys in Mining and building industry, Aluminum sector, Copper sector, Marine sector, Automotive sector and special alloys against forms of wear as erosion, corrosion, cavitation, pressure, impacts and abrasion.


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