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SteelOrbis aims to provide its visitors with the appropriate information to guide their choices while surfing our site. Please find below the necessary information for your security and confidentiality concerns. The statements displayed herein may be amended, if deemed necessary, without prior warning. If you believe that the statements set forth below are incomplete or inaccurate, please provide your thoughts through

What kind of information and for what purpose does SteelOrbis collect from its members?

Our site gathers information from all users who wish to become members. Such information is permanently recorded on the server and is used in compliance with the existing purposes of the site during an anonymous visit; it might be the case that personal information such as name, profession, or e-mail address is asked for on one of our web pages. The reason as to why this information is requested is set forth on that specific web page. Other reasons for information collecting may be , to provide the necessary information to other members in line with the operational purpose of the site , to better serve its visitors and for its statistical value.

We do not sell, rent, lease make available to or otherwise distribute customer lists to third parties and in no circumstances will your unique personally identifiable information (including your e-mail, name, address, telephone number) be transferred to a third party, unless you give us specific authority to do so.

We keep track of the Web sites and pages our customers visit via or within the Site, in order to determine which of our sites and services are the most popular. This data is used to deliver customized content and advertising.

SteelOrbis mails are either for daily bulletin type informative mails about the local / global steel markets or marketing mails to announce new products or services and/or subscription benefits.

Are the members provided with a secure environment while making transactions in the marketplace?

During both the registration process and making transactions in the marketplace visitors / members are provided with secure sessions. SteelOrbis uses 128 bit SSL technology to make it safer for its members.

Does SteelOrbis use cookie technology?

The SteelOrbis site benefits from "cookie" technology like many other sites. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to visitor computers' hard drives by web browsers. Visitors may choose whether to accept or reject cookies through their browser set up. Cookies allow servers to recognize visitors' preferences from their previous visits. SteelOrbis uses this technology to create better visitor experiences and rejection of cookies may result in users' loss of certain functions of the SteelOrbis site. SteelOrbis guarantees that the cookie it sends does not perform any kind of malicious activity.

In case of a breach who should you contact?

If you ever realize a breach of your security, privacy or integrity on the SteelOrbis site please contact SteelOrbis Customer Service or mail to

If you would like to make a suggestion about the content published on SteelOrbis who should you contact?

You may send e-mail to, in order to make suggestions or to criticize the content. Or you can call the SteelOrbis content team from SteelOrbis Customer Service

Does SteelOrbis have a clear cut security policy and personnel to take care of that policy?

SteelOrbis has a detailed security policy describing the company's security needs and precautions to meet the challenges. The SteelOrbis security policy comprises both the security and privacy of the member companies and the company itself. There exists a SteelOrbis Security Committee in charge of policy execution and updating privacing according to the latest developments in the security technology. SteelOrbis Security Committee every member of the SteelOrbis staff is aware of the security issues and holds routine meetings with them to arouse consciousness.

Does SteelOrbis have a non-disclosure policy both within the company and with the various third party sourcesies?

All the SteelOrbis staff are required to sign non-disclosure agreements with the company, in order for SteelOrbis to protect confidential information belonging both to the member companies and the company itself. In addition to that SteelOrbis does not share confidential information with third parties without signing non-disclosure agreements with them. In the case of lesser degree security precautions taken by the other party, SteelOrbis insists on making its own agreement to be executed. SteelOrbis pays attention not to make less restrictive changes to its confidentiality policy; however, when changes to a less restrictive policy are made, the company attempts to obtain the agreement of its customers to the new policy.

How can a member unsubscribe from SteelOrbis mails?

If, at any time, you prefer not to receive daily bulletins from us, please follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

If, at any time, you prefer not to receive marketing / campaign e-mails from us, please follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email.

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